Tuck Room Tavern Review – Your Local Upscale Dining Den

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Los Angeles certainly doesn’t have a shortage of lovely places to dine. However finding that perfect spot that just has it right is like finding a needle in a haystack. Tuck Room TavernLA with its presence not to long ago and I’m here for it!

Next to iPic Theaters, Tuck Room Tavern is in a league of its own. Thanks to Chef Sherry Yard, Tuck Room Tavern is fine dining paired with an impressive bar menu as well. The incomparable menu boasts a wide variety of items to satisfy your taste buds.

During my time at Tuck Room Tavern I had the opportunity to try a few items. For a starter, I highly suggest the Spiced + Sweet Pork Belly Wraps. Complete with butter lettuce, nuoc cham caramel, limes, radish, jalapeno, fresh chili aioli, and cilantro, the wraps are a fun way to create your own unique appetizer. As I main course we tried the Mango & Habanero BBQ Baby Back Ribs with spicy tangy coleslaw, honey-glazed cornbread topped with whipped goat cheese. As a girl from the south, I know good bbq when I see it. The meat was literally falling off of the bone and the flavors paired quite nicely as it wasn’t too sweet or spicy. The honey-glazed cornbread with whipped goat cheese was to die for! Literally the best thing – I wish I could buy it in bulk! We also tried the Grilled 12oz Ribeye Steak paired with heirloom roasted carots, borelaise sauce, and gruyere cheese popover. The steak was seasoned well and it was definitely great quality. The gruyere cheese popover was very unique and delicious.

I couldn’t resist ordering the crispy brussel sprouts. Dressed in miso sesame dressing, crushed cashews, spiced Fuji apples, shaved pecorino, and togarashi, the brussel sprouts were just as decadent as they sound. I recommend this regardless of what your main course will be.

For dessert we had the Red Velvet Pavlova with crispy vanilla meringue, red velvet raspberry chunk ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce – Pure Heaven!

The décor screams sultry. Entering into the venue I felt taking back in time. With sultry décor, dim lighting, and the utmost privacy Tuck Room Tavern is perfect for a date night or meeting with friends. Curated with unique, fresh ingredients I am sure that anything you ordered off of the menu would be delightful.


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