7th Annual Catalina Film Festival – Five Days of Festival Fun

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On Santa Catalina Island, in the city of Avalon, the Catalina Film Festival offered red carpet excitement, VIP events and Fabulous Festival Gala’s from September 27 – October 1, 2017

Makenna Lee, Filmmaker “I Found My Love In Catalina” Photo by Gisele/Partyby5

Over 110 films were presented this year, the 7th for the ever-growing event. There were Awards, Awards, Awards galore! The “Maverick” Award went to Matt McGorry while the “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” went to Marcia Nasatir who was the First Female Vice President of production at United Artists. Her career is documented in “A Classy Broad: Marcia’s Adventures in Hollywood.”

Catherine Hardwicke, Director, Twilight, Lords Of Dogtown, Thirteen, Photo by Gisele/Partyby5

“Crest” Award-Winner Wyatt Oleff (Guardians of the Galaxy) arrived by IEX Helicopter and Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) was honored with the “Crest Award – Director.”

Catalina Film Festival Founder Ron Truppa and Co-Founder Delious Tim Kennedy

Ron Truppa, Founder/Executive Director of the Catalina Film Institute presented the Golden Fox Zorro Award as Avalon Mayor Annie Marshall gave an impassioned speech, welcoming the attendees and honored guests. Co-Founder Delicious Tim Kennedy joined the red carpet with the likes of Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight Saga, Lords of Dogtown).

Jordan Vogt-Roberts winner of Crest Award – Best Director

Film Categories included Advanced Student, Animation, Conservation, Documentary, High School Student, Horror/Thriller and Feature.

Wyatt Oleff winner Crest Award – Best Actor

This year’s stunning Festival Poster featuring Marilyn Monroe in front of the Avalon Theater/Casino came courtesy of PenorPixel.com.

Catalina Film Festival provides complimentary shuttles from the Ferry to Check-in at Island Spa Inn

Thanks to our hosts at Sea Port Village Inn Avalon and Kudos to the entire Festival team for a fantastic experience. Photos courtesy Gisele/Partyby5. Also seen on PRphotos

Seaport Village Inn, sponsor of 7th Annual Catalina Film Festival provides transportation and complimentary breakfast 7:00AM until 9:00AM

Congratulation on the 7th Edition of the Catalina Film Festival. @Catalinafilm @modernpr @shooterdiva @partyby5 @handsonpr

Catalina Express provides late ferry rides until Midnight during the Festival on Friday and Saturday nights


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