Atomic Saloon Show Review – A Blast!

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If you saw Absinthe, the Spiegelworld production at Caesars Las Vegas, and loved it, then run, don’t walk, to the hilarious Atomic Saloon Show located in the Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppes. If it isn’t your cup of tea, if you don’t like your humor over the line, if profanity in the name of humor doesn’t work for you – well, then run the other way.

Photo by Dianne Davis

I love this raunchy bawdy, absurdly entertaining show. Your first clue might be the initials. Atomic Saloon Show A-S-S. See what I mean about over the line! This is an amazingly talented collection of performers – some of the very best I’ve seen in Las Vegas, with singing, dancing, comedy, acrobats, and hula hoops.

Photo by Dianne Davis

There’s a singing cowboy (with a practically bare butt), a naughty nun who juggles ping pong balls out of her mouth and plays the xylophone with the balls, Irish folk-dancers, and hand and foot tappers. You know – the usual Vegas Variety production. Well, not entirely the usual. I’m not even going to tell you what else the nun does. And leave the kids home. It is not for the under 18 set.

A very talented nun Photo by Erik Kabik

Great period costumes, many on the tres skimpy side, bring the old Wild West to life as the buxom Boozy Skunkton, the madam of this madhouse, um, actually another kind of house….. you know, the kind the cowboys visited with a few bucks in their pockets. You get the picture, don’t you!

Boozy was a real treat Photo by Erik Kabik

Anyway, Boozy tries to control the absurd activities that are practically in your face in the intimate 236 seat theater. This is chaos – at its finest. It is the Wildest Wild West I’ve seen.

Photo by Erik Kabik

The venue upstairs at the Venetian was created especially for this fast-paced hilarious show. When you enter, you are led down a hall and back in time to the old-time saloon, with hard chair seats and friendly bartenders.

Photo by Erik Kabik

And leave some time to check out their creative liquid libations. Cocktails include the Prairie Pomm Companion of Vodka, Pomegranate, fig, lemon, and biters or the Donkey Milk Punch of rum, apple, whey, lemon and cassia. Are you with a group or on one of those Las Vegas convention expense accounts? Then check out of of their $250 Towers which they say serves 4-6 thirsty guests (or 2-4 big drinkers.) Like Boozy’s Bramble – wild turkey bourbon, blackberry, lemon, and almond bitters. Or look into a dinner and show packet with Smith and Wollensky.

It feels like youv’ve gone back n time to the Old West. Photo by Burt Davis

The London Times said in its five-star review, “It’s like Blazing Saddles with sex on the brain. A ridiculously enjoyable show.” The show previewed at the Edinburg Fringe Festival where it was a huge hit.

The theater was constructed as a theater in the round with a balcony as well. Photo by Burt Davis

If you enjoyed Absinthe and/or Spiegelworld’s Opium, this is for you. Leave your inhibitions at home and go see the Atomic Saloon Show at the Venetian.


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