Secret Comedy of Women – A raucously funny review

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I don’t remember what I had for breakfast but I will always remember the key to my diary.

If you remember that key, that diary, the day, moment and place you first got your period, struggling with your first pair of panty hose, your first kiss, or your first ANYTHING when you were a teenager and then actually ‘got older,’ you will LOVE ‘The Secret Comedy of Women’ now playing at The Mizner Park Cultural Center until February 23rd.

I have to be honest here; The show is really FOR women but if men attend, and they did, it will surely show the side of his partner what they went through all those growing-up years.   They may not relate but would certainly be surprised!

I don’t think there was a period (no pun intended), of time in this 2-hour hilarious show that I didn’t relate.  Pure belly laughs abounded as most almost every woman in the audience laughed at themselves as well as Barbara & Linda galloped around doing their ‘thing.’

Best friends forever!

When the women (yes, there were only 2) literally ran into the audience to ask if they could borrow 2 purses, I quickly hid mine under the seat.  I had a sigh of relief when 2 women in the crowd gave it up; yet, I kept thinking, ‘what if they chose mine?’  I have enough trouble finding items in my OWN purse, let alone what a stranger would see.  I looked through it after the show.  I have 3 tins of mints from Trader Joes, 2 rescue inhalers, 7 pens, 11 receipts from various retail stores, a Maj Jong card, 2 lipsticks, 1 eyebrow pencil where the plastic cover fell off (so part of my purse is red), my 2 lb. wallet, a million tissues, a small bottle of Maalox tabs, a key ring that is heavier than my wallet, 2 dog bones, and many other things I am embarrassed to identify.  I went right home and cleaned out my purse.

The second act was twice as funny as the first. Recognizable guffaws and laughter transformed into continuous clapping and sustained laughter as the audience recognized themselves within the two main characters.

Women throughout the ages

The Secret Comedy of Women celebrates the joys of the journey from girlhood to womanhood. An immersive theatrical experience that rejoices in the challenges of being a woman – from boys to bras and pantyhose to menopause – this two-woman show explores the universal female experience through a rollicking spectacle of sweetly-sharp comedy, songs, dances, stories, and spontaneous moments of discovery that all women share.

Barbara and Linda adlibbed their way through funny on-the-spot life tales as they each went through their girlhood hope chests. They called members of the audience to participate in choosing select possessions from childhood.  The funniest scene was a “Craft Corner,” as they played two older ladies doing a television show on the many useful and unusual things one can do with sanitary napkins, tampons and panty liners. Hint: a tampon is an excellent substitute as a wine cork. It was truly hysterical.

They also danced through The Nutcracker Suite as two ballerinas putting on panty hose. They used the panty hose legs in their madcap dance routine, twirling and wrapping themselves in the hose as they pirouetted in synch. It was very imaginative.

Kudos to the actresses, writers and the original music for the show

Inspired by authors Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein’s earnest and amusingly absurd writings in their girlhood diaries, The Secret Comedy of Women is a mix of sketch, improvisation, audience participation, witty songs and clever videos. The show reminds audiences of the very funny and very charming similarities between all women. “It’s really liked a girlhood reunion,” says Klein. “Our show is something highly universal, made personal. It’s for women of all ages – and for the men who love them,” adds Gehring.

Gehring and Klein have successful careers in the entertainment industry beyond comedy, and have rich expertise in the areas of training, writing, creative thinking, logistics, administration, marketing, and public relations.

In the attached photos:
Barbara Gehring & Linda Klein in The Secret Comedy of Women.
Photo credit:  Tony Shapiro

The Secret Comedy of Women – Girls Only
By Barbara Gehring & Linda Klein

January 15 – February 23, 2020
Tickets:  $45 – $65
For Tickets:  844-672-2849 / or Group Sales: 1-888-264-1788
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 pm Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 2:30 pm
All performances will take place at
Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center
201 Plaza Real (2nd Floor)
Boca Raton, FL 33432
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It might be a bit difficult to find parking in Mizner Park; remember to go directly to the stage door in front of Cultural Center for valet parking.

We all need a 2 hour belly laugh.  It’s good for the soul.  YOU GO GIRLS to this show!

A special thanks to fellow journalist and long-time good friend, Sharon Sultan Cutler for contributing to this article.


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