La Barra And Labriola White Sauce Deep Dish Pizza Review – The Ultimate Chicago Pizza Experience

White Sauce Deep Dish Pizza (Labriola)
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Entrance to Labriola on Michigan Avenue

On February 9th, 2020, La Barra and Labriola debuted Chicago’s first white sauce deep dish pizza to celebrate National Pizza Day. Pizza lovers, city dwellers, suburbanites, families and cheese-pull-photo-seekers can now find the new pizza option at the following locations:

La Barra Riverside, 2 East, Burlington Street (at Longcommon Road) Riverside, IL 60546

La Barra Oak Brook, 3011 Butterfield Road (at Meyers Road),Oak Brook, IL 60523,

Labriola Chicago, 535 N Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611

The new pizza pie is a twist on the classic Chicago pie. It features bechamel sauce, chicken, caramelized onions, crushed red pepper and bacon, wrapped in a classic Chicago-style deep dish crust. The White Deep Dish Pizza costs $28 – $34 at the suburban La Barra locations, and $30 – $35 at Labriola Chicago.

Labriola dining area

The Chicago location of Labriola is a wonderful place to dine, located on the Magnificent Mile where one can order fresh, hearty Italian food. It was the perfect location to sample the white sauce deep dish pizza. I had reviewed the restaurant’s dinner menu back in 2016, and was thrilled to be return. (The day was special as it was also my birthday, and Labriola is a wonderful place to celebrate).The service was excellent (as it always is), and everyone was welcoming, smiling and attentive. 

Before the pizza came to our table, my guest and I were served delicious appetizers of grilled asparagus with balsamic vinegar, pecorino and a fried egg, and creamy, heavenly burrata and fresh basil and tomatoes. The dishes were a lovely start to the meal. 

Grilled asparagus appetizer
Burrata appetizer

The savory aroma of the pizza was savory overload, as it came to our table hot and bubbly from the oven. I was served a meatless version as I’m a vegetarian, but my guest ordered the original. The pizza was a savory bomb of cheesy, creamy goodness. My guest loved the combination of the smoky bacon and juicy chicken, which put it over the top for him. The crust was delicious and crispy. It was enjoyable to watch our server slowly use the pie slicer and pull slices of melted, gooey cheese and pizza onto our plates. 

Our server bringing us the white sauce deep dish pizza…
The gooey, cheese pizza being served onto our plates

We each only managed a few slices of the pie. It was a fantastic eating experience, but was very filling and rich, as one or two slices at a time were plenty. You need a whole team or table to conquer the entire pizza!

Cannolis for dessert

For my birthday, we served huge cannolis filled to the brim with pistachios and cream in a crunchy shell. 

The menu has so many different options from which to order, but at La Briola, the main goal of the evening was to try the new white sauce deep dish pizza. It was a hit, and I highly recommend it to any Chicagoan who adores the deep dish selections offered in our amazing city. Come stop by soon!

Photos by Jennifer Lunz unless otherwise noted. 

To find out more about the white sauce deep dish pizza, or to make a reservation at La Briola, call (312) 955-3100, or visit the website.


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