Revell Model Revival-Alternative Shelter in Place Activities

Covid-19 has been a challenge for parents and children sheltering in place 24/7. We are all scrambling for projects to do when stuck at home indefinitely. Parents, especially, are looking for alternative activities providing children STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) learning skills. Families have brought back hands-on retro, educational, teaching tools, which also happen to be entertaining. During Covid-19 Confinement, we realize although technology is a godsend, it is not the sole savior against boredom.

1987 Ford GT

Hobby Lobby and Michaels’ brick and mortar stores in a one-week span in mid-March sales nearly doubled following the directives to shelter in place. When business lock downs closed these stores e-commerce business sales swelled to a 77% surge. Board games made a come back. They are interactive and allow families to connect. Flour shortages in grocery stores are not just due to family baking, but also creating Playdough models. Plastic model building began in a catastrophe and in our recent crisis has regained resurgence.

SK Kits Build and Play

Lewis Glaser, an electrical engineer, in December of 1941, about the time of the Pearl Harbor Attack decided plastics were the future trend and first founded a company named Precision Specialties. One of their first products was a ladies compact case sold as Revell thought to be from the French word Réveiller meaning to awaken. Revell was born In 1945 after World War II they released a pull toy train set and went on to become an international model kit builder. In the 1950’s they became famous for their customized auto models. Later they negotiated entertainment-licensing deals to market model kits for action toys.

Lightening McQueen Model

Chicago-based Revell USA, a top selling premier model kit maker with a history dating back to 1945 is generously donating 1,300 model kits to elementary students, to enhance at home learning, as soon as they figure out the logistics of donating to a school district, during Covid-19.  They have a distributorship in Fox River Grove.  Revell has models ranging from cars, planes, ships, helicopters, sci-fi Star Wars Millennium Falcon kits to Scooby- Doo Mystery Machine that snaps together with no glue or tools needed. They have products for almost every interest and every age from elementary school to adult-hood.

Star Wars Millenimum Falcon

Revell plans on donating to an elementary school district their: Junior Kit an Off Road Police Vehicle ages 5 and up and for 8-10 year olds their SnapTite EasyClick Titanic, Lightening McQueen and Ford GT Mustang Models. Other donations include Snaptite models: Star Wars and Halo with lights and sounds for building and playing suitable for 6-10 year olds. These models would definitely spark imagination and creativity.

Off Road Police Vehicle

Just picking a model sparks a child’s interest and imagination. Revell has building and constructing models which aid in fine motor skills, spatial awareness, sorting and organizing, problem-solving, patience and persistent (who does not need these skills during our trying times). A finished model is a source of pride and can lead to higher confidence levels. Model building can be either a solo venture or team activity. As a team activity it can encourage cooperation. Let us get through these difficult times while learning and building something new.

Father & Son building a Camaro

Photos: Courtesy of st picking a model sparks a child’s interest and imagination. Revell

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