4D ShoeTech – Revolutionizing the Footwear and Accessory Industries

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A 4D ShoeTech Digitally Generated Boot Sample

Michael Su, Former CEO of longtime fast-fashion-footwear brand Michael Antonio Footwear Group, has co-founded a new tech company which provides end-to-end digital design and development solutions for the footwear and handbag industries. 4D ShoeTech empowers footwear designers and developers to ideate, prototype and showcase their design vision in 4D, photorealistic digital 3D, without ever making a physical sample.   In this digital age, the future is now and 4D ShoeTech has revolutionized footwear design, building, sampling and sales. This is a step forward to providing consumers with a buying guide and sample. However, if you’re looking for the traditional way of providing online guides and reviews, ShoeAdviser’s Lilly Harvey already has laid everything out for you, from budget type, activity type, and requirements, details are already made available for you

In late June, the company launched their latest offering, the 4D ShoeTech digital design and development platform which acts as a fully comprehensive workspace for the end user.  Within this web based station, the designer, manufacturer, sales rep or buyer may select a particular shoe and drop and drag available swatches and color ways, once again saving on sampling costs.  With remote working the new norm in today’s climate and sales tradeshows on indefinite hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual showrooms are the evolution of traditional wholesale channels.  By applying 4D ShoeTech technology, a designer or sales rep will be able to easily create digital line sheets and online virtual sales showroom to exhibit their collections to global buyers with the click of a button.

The 4D ShoeTech digital solutions include:

Rigid or Flexible Material 3D Printer-Enabled Prototyping – 3D print and prototype heels, outsoles, bottoms, lasts, components, accessories and mold-making components, saving a highly significant amount of time and money from the traditional method.

Photorealistic 3D CAD Modeling – Digitally create individual elements of a shoe build including heels, outsoles, bottoms, lasts and mold-making components, and then sample the product as a precise and photo realistic 4D digital sample.

Platform-neutral 3D Material Swatch Scanning or 3D Material Appearance Capturing Service Using X-Rite Pantone TAC7 Technology– A precise photo realistic material capture, showcasing the most intricate textile detail from fur, embroidery and embossed leather to metallic, glitter, iridescent and rhinestone. Tiling and seamless pattern creation will also be implemented, using advanced computer vision and AI technologies and resolving the issue of exact pattern creation.

A 4D ShoeTech Digitally Generated Handbag Sample

With the understanding that 3D digitalization is another dimension, a 4D ShoeTech digital sample is neither flat nor static as a traditional .JPEG or .PNG image reads.  The viewer can visually “feel” the full texture of the product, as it has the ability to move or spin like in a motion capture or animation, making the appearance of the product incredibly life like and practically jumping out of the screen, creating a true 4D effect. 

“We have truly revolutionized how fast and easy any design idea can make it to a buyer or a consumer by deploying next-gen digital technologies that democratize the complex, highly-controlled and capital-intensive global supply chain that current exists. Until now, any aspiring designer or maker would have to rely on a heavily guarded referral process in order to gain access to a sourcing agent or factory with a sample room to make his/her design vision come to life. 4D ShoeTech has leveled the playing field. We let you bypass that unpleasant and overwhelming experience, providing you a one-stop shop that serves you both as an outsourced digital sample studio, and as a virtual digital 3D prototyping platform.”  – Michael Su, Co-Founder of 4D ShoeTech

A 4D ShoeTech Digitally Generated Sneaker Sample

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