Coffee – So Many Options Beyond the Typical Cup of Joe

Cafe Agave
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Whether your choice of coffee is instant, brewed in a machine or via a pod or if you would rather wait in line for whatever your choice is, coffee is without a doubt a staple of the American day.

BUBS Naturals has not taken long to change the way people view and consume coffee. Sustainably sourced ingredients with controlled consistency is what is behind BUBS Collagen and MCT Oil Powder, which are designed to help you feel amazing and live a fuller life. BUBS collagen comes from Brazil, where the cows are grass-fed and pasture-raised and trust me, that is the most effective collagen to be using. For those of you living the Keto lifestyle or just looking for a little something extra to go with your morning coffee BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder, is a powerful ketogenic oil. The MCT Oil powder is scientifically proven to transform into ketones almost as soon as it is consumed, for a clean burst of energy and increased mental clarity. Finally the must have to create a perfect frothy cup of coffee is the electric frother. This is one of those tools you will truly love from the first time you use it. BUBS also has some great packages that put everything together for you. For more information, visit: BUBS

BUBS Travel Bundle

Mostra Coffee, champions of the Philippine coffee industry and named 2020 Micro Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine, is excited to announce two big new developments this month: the launch of the first instant coffee developed by a San Diego-based specialty coffee shop and the opening of their second premium coffee experience.

Mosta Coffee

“Life’s busy. Sometimes we don’t have time to grind, brew, and pour a cup of coffee before running out the door,” said Mostra co-founder Jelynn Malone. “That’s why we’re looking for ways to streamline your cup, from working on an app for pre-ordering drinks to creating the first instant coffee to truly offer instant gratification.”

Their pioneering Guatemala Bella Carmona Peaberry Instant Coffee offers convenience without compromising on quality. Milk chocolate, caramel, toasted almond, and pear notes pair with a juicy acidity that will perk up your senses whether brewed hot or cold.

Stop in their new 4S Ranch location in San Diego, CA next month to experience the magic of their MAVAM performance espresso machine and don’t forget to bring home your Mostra fix with their new instant brew. Plans to open shops in San Francisco, New York and Manila are also in the works. As always, every purchase helps Mostra increase economic opportunities in the Philippines while putting its once thriving coffee industry back on the map—an act driven in honor of their Filipino heritage. For more information please visit: Mostra Coffee

Caliva recently launched Soul Grind, a new hemp-based CBD (hCBD) infused cold brew coffee broad-spectrum hCBD, unsweetened cold brew coffee. Caliva, the leading consumer brand in cannabis, is one of the first vertically-integrated cannabis companies to bring its own hCBD beverage to consumers.

“Our goal with Soul Grind was to create a CBD infused Ready-to-Drink cold brew coffee that offers the best functional effects from both CBD and caffeine – calm energy without the jitters,” said Chris Cuvelier, Caliva Head of Beverage. “Soul Grind is redefining what it means to get energy from a beverage. Anyone who has consumed coffee or an energy drink on a regular basis knows what it feels like to get a jolt of caffeinated energy; you’re more awake, alert, and sometimes jittery or anxious if you have too much of it. The energy you get from Soul Grind is completely different. The balance from the combination of 100mg of caffeine plus the CBD is a truly unique feeling that doesn’t exist in any ready-to-drink beverage products out there today. People who drink Soul Grind will feel uplifted and energized from the caffeine, yet simultaneously calm and chill so they can focus and ultimately perform in their daily lives.”

Soul Grind is available in Black, Mexican Chocolate and Vanilla flavors with each 8 ounce can being comprised of organic cold brew with 100 mg caffeine and 10mg broad-spectrum hCBD – a delicate formula deliberately designed to balance the energizing effects of caffeine with calming hCBD. Broad-spectrum hCBD implements a holistic approach to extraction, which embraces the synergistic “entourage” effect, maintaining the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes found within the plant, while removing the psychoactive THC. This method allows Soul Grind to utilize more components of the plant, providing the consumer with further enhanced benefits than CBD isolate. Additionally, Soul Grind’s hCBD is infused using micro-emulsion technology that allows for maximum absorption, ensuring the consumer enjoys the optimal benefits of hCBD. If you are looking for a twist to your everyday coffee with some wonderful added benefits along with great taste, give Soul Grind a try. For more information, visit: Soul Grind

For CBD related products, visit: Verified CBD

Bringing coffee and alcohol together is a dream come true for some people and Cafe Agave made that dream come true with their Spiked Cold Brew. With any pairing you might not be used to the flavor is the first thing you want to make sure was done right, each flavor lives up to not only the coffee end, but the spike portion of the name as well. The cold brewed coffee that is used in Spiked Cold Brew was made for this drink and the flavors include: Vanilla Cinnamon, Caffe Mocha, Espresso Shot and Salted Caramel.

These are not not your typical combination that does not live up to the name, the cold brew is a very high end coffee and each flavor really shines through and each bottle comes in at a whopping 12.5% Alc/Vol. This is a truly tasty and memorable drink to enjoy anytime of the day. For more information, visit: Spiked Cold Brew

Cafe Agave

For the cocktail lover who enjoys a coffee twist, Grand Brulot is comprised of the finest ‘eaux de vie’ from a blend of Ugni Blanc & Colombard grapes from its single-estate which is then crafted into an elegant 80 proof VSOP Cognac that sits to age for 4-5 years. To complete the flavor experience, 100% Robusta Ecuadorian coffee bean essence is extracted and blended with brandy to meld for a couple of months before it is blended with the VSOP Cognac. The final product, with its equivalent of one shot of espresso per serving, is superlative; a real crowd-pleaser that works beautifully in all sort of drinks for a variety of occasions. In the 18th century, the French introduced the concept of spiking their coffee with brandy to create a digestif, and Grand Brulot revived that custom with a new recipe, uniting VSOP Cognac with its choice of the rich Robusta Coffee from Ecuador. Grand Brulot also pays tribute to a New Orleans specialty of the same name which still serves up it’s beautiful blue hot flame around town. For more information, visit: Grand Brulot

Some other great coffee related products to try include:

GENEPRO offers a low-calorie protein powder that mixes and dissolves easily in any beverage, no shaker bottle required. The mochaccino flavor pairs well with milk, non-dairy milk, and even water. Get a boost of protein and your coffee fix any time of day! This is a gluten free, non GMO, FODMAP, protein powder with natural flavors and less than 1 gram of sugar. It is great for people with sugar sensitivity, gluten sensitivity, and lactose intolerance.

Caveman Coffee is back with the red stuff which makes THE perfect refreshing summer cocktail mixer! Meet version 2.0 of the coffee brand’s fan-favorite Hibiscus tea. This tasty hibiscus beverage is a mouth watering blend of hibiscus flowers, lemongrass and organic natural flavors. It’s Caffeine-free, sugar-free, BUT FULL OF DELICIOUS. Why hibiscus? It’s a natural adaptogen, packed with antioxidants and has been linked to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol in recent studies. Talk about a win-win! Not so much into teas? Snag the delicious Nitro Cold Brew or Vanilla Cold Brew Latte both perfect for a scorching summer day! Also available on Amazon. 

They’ve taken the drinks you love and have given them a boost. Add hot water to Vimco Wellness Collagen Coffee for a delicious functional mocha that will have you feeling good and looking even better! 5g of collagen in every serving will help your skin stay hydrated and plump while adding high quality protein to your morning cup. Say hello to your new favorite “un-guilty” pleasure and goodbye to caffeine jitters. No crash, all feel good.