Finger Licking Foodie Tours – The Self-Guided Indulgent ARIA Dining Experience

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When it comes to quality and quantity of great restaurants, Las Vegas is at the top of the list of cities not only in the United States, but in the entire world. Trying to experience as many restaurants is something anyone would love to do, but you simply are limited in so many ways. Finger Licking Foodie Tours recently introduced their self-guided tour of ARIA Resort & Casino that takes you on the ultimate roller coaster ride foodie experience in all of Las Vegas.

Crispy Shrimp at Catch

When it comes to restaurants under one roof, really nothing in Las Vegas has as many great restaurants as ARIA. The first thing you have to consider with ARIA restaurants is how to try and visit as many as possible then you have to make reservations and build your entire trip around mainly dining. Finger Licking Foodie Tours takes all the work out of putting your itinerary together for you and they also give you the opportunity to dine at multiple restaurants in VIP style.

Steak from Jean George

The self-guided tour begins at 5 p.m., last two hours and takes you to three different restaurants. One of the true highlights of the tour isn’t even the food, it is the fact that you walk up to each of these three beautiful restaurants and while others are waiting to be seated, you simply are taken right to your table in first-class fashion. Your evening will be composed of three of the four following restaurants that are all equally world-class in every way: Carbone, Jean Georges Steakhouse, Catch and BARDOT Brasserie. The night will look something like this, first at 5:00 you head into Catch where you will get to try a handful of dishes including: sushi, the crispy shrimp that has a very tasty and lightly spicy mayo sauce. Thirty minutes later you are off to enjoy some authentic Italian food at Carbone featuring homemade meatballs and spicy rigatone. With a trio such as this, it is tough to say they saved the best for last, but Jean Georges Steakhouse is simply the perfect way to end the evening. First off, it is worth visiting just to hear some great stories about Jean George, but then the food, just overwhelming in quality and quantity. You are going to try a large Jean George steak, crunch potatoes, carpaccio and the market citrus, which is two chocolate desserts that come to your table looking like a perfect lemon and lime and while they give you a citrus bite, they are all chocolate. The dishes may vary, but the one that won’t is everything is memorable and you certainly will not go away hungry.

Jean George Market Citrus

When it comes to a social distancing experience, the self-guided tours are perfect as they are designed for two people, but can fit around any size group that you choose and you would feel safe with. The package is $150 per person and includes gratuity, as you can see that the experience and the food go well beyond that in terms of value and in terms on uniqueness, this is likely the best deal in Las Vegas. If you want to elevate your experience even more you can add a signature cocktail beverage package that allows you experience a unique cocktail at every stop. To make the experience truly iconic, you can add a helicopter tour of Las Vegas from Maverick Helicopters. This 12-15 minute ride gives you a breathtaking view of Las Vegas and all of its lights at night.

Meatballs at Carbone

To truly experience what Las Vegas is all about, sometimes you have to beyond the limits of the Las Vegas strip. You can do this by try other self-guided tours that will take you to places including: Chinatown, Arts District and Downtown. These tours are great ways to experience some of the wonderful chefs that make up the Las Vegas food scene and restaurants that you likely would not get to experience on your visit to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas can overwhelming in so many ways, there is a reason is considered the adult Disneyland. A day or even a vacation can disappear before you can blink and trying to navigate everything going on, let alone all the food options can be a daunting task. Finger Licking Foodie Tours has made the food portion of your trip beyond simple and at the same time being one of the few true values on the Las Vegas strip. Next time you are in Vegas let Finger Licking Foodie Tours do the work, you just enjoy the food and the memorable experience. 

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