SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Launches

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SimpliSafe®, maker of award-winning home security systems, today announced the release of the SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, designed to help stop crime before it happens. The release takes SimpliSafe’s award-winning security and extends that protection to the entire property, offering 24/7 visibility to the exterior of the home.

Outdoor Camera

While many consumers seek holistic home security that protects not only a home’s interior but also the exterior, getting security cameras up and running often presents significant challenges. With an adjustable magnetic mount, the SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera does not require any wiring and can be self-installed with ease in less than five minutes. Furthermore, the camera is powered by a removable, rechargeable battery that lasts up to three to six months on a single charge, pending settings, usage and placement. Extra battery packs will also be available for purchase, allowing for continuous camera use without any down time for charging.

Motion Alert

“Outdoor cameras are important to consumers, but in ongoing customer research, it became apparent that the perfect security camera does not exist,” said Glenn Gomes-Casseres, Vice President of Product and Design at SimpliSafe. “Customers are forced to choose between performance, reliability, ease of set-up and use and price, but we believe these benefits do not have to be at odds.”

In addition to DIY self-installation and ongoing ease of use, the Wireless Outdoor Security Camera offers standout video quality and industrial design, without compromising on affordability. The camera’s sleek black and white design camouflages into the exterior of the home and features an ultra-wide 140° lens, 1080p HDR video and 8x digital zoom. Additionally, the product supports full color nighttime video with the help of a bright spotlight and infrared night vision.

“When it comes to performance, the Wireless Outdoor Security Camera delivers the same award-winning technology backed by our team of monitoring professionals that we’ve been recognized for over the last decade,” continued Gomes-Casseres. “We’ve listened to our customers and delivered the features that we know matter most, like reducing false notifications, offering nighttime video that is viewable and ensuring priority attention from first responders during verified emergencies. What’s perhaps most exciting about the launch, however, is the unprecedented integration that we’re now able to offer. With the simple tap of a button, the Outdoor Camera can be added to the existing SimpliSafe
ecosystem, making set-up seamless.”

Additional key features include:
● Activity zoning
● Smart Person Detection1
● Motion detection up to 30 feet away
● Latency-free two-way audio
● Two antennas provide omni-directional performance, maintaining strong WiFi connectivity
● 80dB siren
● Video verification enables emergency responders to give verified alarms the highest priority2
● Automatically records during an alarm event
● Smart AI algorithms preserve battery life and protect privacy
● Removeable, rechargeable battery
● IP65 dust and water resistance

This Fall, SimpliSafe will introduce a solar panel that charges the Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with
a minimum of three hours of direct sunlight daily, giving customers the ability to power outdoors
without recharging or replacing the camera’s battery. Like the entire SimpliSafe product suite, the Solar
Panel features an easy, DIY set-up that can be completed with minimal tools.

Beginning today, the SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera and select accessories, including the extra battery pack
and power cable, are available for purchase at Additional accessories, including the
solar panel and permanent mount, will be available in Fall 2021.

To learn more about the Outdoor Camera and other SimpliSafe products, please visit SimpliSafe.

About SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe fundamentally changed the alarm industry, pioneering a new way to make home the safest
place on earth for everyone. Founded in 2006, SimpliSafe now protects millions of people and is
committed to its founding goal: to make every home secure. SimpliSafe has been coined the number
one home security pick by several highly-esteemed publications and was recently awarded in multiple
categories for “Best Home Security Systems of 2021” by U.S. News & World Report.

(Photos Courtesy SimpliSafe)


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