DREAMOVER – Shown in person at “Dances With Films”

Masha and a young Demian
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DREAMOVER, a haunting, fascinating, and compelling film is to be shown in-person at this year’s Dances With Films(DWF24) on Sunday, September 5 at 9:30 PM in Los Angeles at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. This film is a prodigious achievement for a new filmmaker as DREAMOVER charts a new direction in “lo-fi sci-fi”—using the barest minimum of digital effects and relying instead on experimental ideas and practical execution to examine the world’s “what-ifs” and how those ideas could change our lives.


This film is being noticed, having its world-premier at the Shanghai International Film Festival and recently receiving the Best Narrative Feature Award at the New Hope (PA) Film Festival. Director Roman Olkhovka who also stars as Demian in the film, is brought to life in the dreams of an older version of himself, played by Ilya Chepyrev. 

DREAMOVER begins with the lonely vision of a man in a dull, tedious existence who struggles to sleep each night after a repetitive, bleak workday. He is desperate and when he finds the card of a researcher while riding the subway he contacts the young man who is experimenting with an ingenious method of sleep correction that is scientifically based on the idea that love creates the strongest memories and accessing them helps create serenity. He follows the researcher’s instructions and happily finds himself sleeping through the night and waking at 8:00 am each morning, having slept through the night. He has dreamt of Masha with whom his younger self was in love. As Masha, Angelina Savchenko, offers a subtle, nuanced  and captivating portrayal of various versions of Masha, some rejecting and ultimately one who is loving.

The older Demian

The filming was beautiful and loving.  Olkhovka takes the audience through the four seasons in modern Moscow and excursions to some of its bleak hinterlands. The park in summer was so inviting, I wanted to join them. The characters were well drawn and sympathetic. I could not help but think of “Groundhog Days” as each day the alarm rang after a night remembering what love was like.  Be sure to watch this to the very, very end. 

The older Demian tries on the sleep device

Nikita Yefimov Presents: DREAMOVER Genre: Drama/Romance; Running Time: 99 minutes; Rating:N/A Language: Russian Closed Captions: EnglishWriter/Director: Roman Olkhovka Director of Photography: Roman Olkhovka Principal Cast: Roman Olkhovka, Angelina Savchenko, Ilya Chepyrev



I believe that our readers will find the cast’s unusual stories interesting:




Having dreamed of becoming a rock star since childhood, one day Roman decided to shoot a music video on his own. Then another one, and then another… After more than 20 music videos, he finally started thinking about a career of a director.

Mathematician by education, he can figure out anything and likes to do everything himself. He says that «the last thing you need for a good film is money.



Born into a family of actors, Angelina knew since childhood what she would devote her life to. At the age of 3, she first appeared on stage and at 7 – on the set. She likes reading and movies featuring Adriano Celentano. Angelina puts art above all and therefore, is not afraid to take part in daring project

An enigma



Not being a professional actor, Ilya changed a lot of professions during his long life – from typographer and jeweler to economist and representative of a European machinery company. Ilya loves skiing and horseback riding and says that «of all that he did in his life, acting was the easiest.» He is retired now, but still ready for action (and acting)




A book publisher by education, Nikita played in a metal band for a while, and then found himself in a video production company, where he met Roman Olkhovka and got carried away with a passion for filmmaking. Nikita can do almost everything in movie making but prefers to organize things. He loves his wife and arguing with the director.

A tender moment



Being a modest person, Dmitry prefers to show rather than tell. Therefore, his main hobby has always been photography. Having lived for a long time in Oriental countries, he also worked as a surf instructor, perfectly mastering the art of balance. But despite this, he still considers himself the worst Steadicam operator in history.



A practicing lawyer, Leo moonlights making photo reports from major rock concerts. He joined the DREAMOVER team in the middle of the shooting sessions, adding his own unique touch to the process. He believes that «in order to learn how to make movies,you need to make movies.

Photos are courtesy of DREAMOVER

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