Carina Zermatt review – My little sweet, Swiss getaway!

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This year I had decided to visit the Alps. Switzerland is one of my favourite countries in Europe. Especially all those little villages where you can escape from your reality and have the time of your life! And since Zermatt was on my bucket list, that was a no brainer for me!

In Zermatt, I found a small boutique hotel, with a specially camouflaged, off the grid entrance that combined luxury with postmodern upbeat vibes. Its name, Carina. Carina has been awarded the classifications of “The Swiss Lodge” and “Design & Lifestyle”. It was developed by innovative people and run by a wonderful young team who is always ready to cater to your every need!

Carina Zermatt’s uniqueness is the fact that it combines dormitories and penthouses in the same building. This flexible accommodation suits solo traveler’s, couples, families and groups of people is something I haven’t seen before and it seemed so fresh to me! This whole hotel has a sleek design, constructed by natural materials, from regional products and local craftsman.

The basecamps offer comfortable banks for the solo travelers’ and act as a mountain refuge for the mountaineers. The cocoon rooms were designed to imitate real cocoons, offering comfort and privacy. On the top of this lodge, you can find the Penthouse mountain deluxe housing, which hosts up to six people, offering an open plan kitchen and living room, with bay windows, overlooking the Matterhorn. 

Relaxation in luxurious simplicity is what describes the rooms. Cleanliness and freshness is what I always go for and enjoy when visiting a hotel and I had both of them. Excitement is another! One morning we woke up unexpectedly. We heard something like a bomb eruption. Then, I found out that every morning an experienced team on the slopes, does this so, that they avoid avalanches during the day and everything is safe for the avid skiers.

Most days it was snowing and my favourite moment was when we had breakfast and had the pleasure of watching the snow coming down on our terrace while we were inside, warm and cozy, enjoying all those local Alpine delicacies. Hot tea, lots of different healthy nuts, almond milk and delicious homemade marmalade equipped us for the daily adventures on the mountains. In the afternoon, most of the time that we spent at Carina, we had dinner at its very special little restaurant. The quality of the ingredients of our courses was paramount. Our Sicilian chef was creating everything, right in front of us. Exquisite Italian menu, with every bite splashing into our mouths like a waterfall!

The Honesty Bar, with snacks and beverages for guests at all times, the Magazine Library with magazines and fiction books, the Play ‘n’ Safe meeting point with big game tables and the Relax ‘n’ Spa space for a fulfilling wellness experience, were the added value of this secret heaven!

I must admit that the hotel view of the Matterhorn was breathtaking! This mountain peak is the one pictured on the Toblerone chocolate bars that most of us used to eat since we were young kids.

If you get the chance to visit Zermatt and I mean, you need to make it happen, do try this place. You will love it!

Photos: Courtesy of the hotel

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