Amy Correa Bell Shares Insight to the Perfect Summer Body!

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Amy Correa Bell is no stranger to the entertainment industry. She has shared her talents on stage with her husband, Ricky Bell of New Edition, and is a talented singer, actress, and wife. But she is also a woman who knows what it means to take care of herself, inside and out. She shares insights on how she stays fit, her daily routine, her favorite low-calorie dessert, and more!

What is your  daily routine?

First thing I do in the morning is drink 2 big glasses of water and stretch. I don’t have an everyday routine I stick to but working out is an important part of my lifestyle. The main inspirations for me to get up 3-4 times a week and make it to the gym are the mental health benefits, endurance to perform as a singer and most importantly to feel my best.  

I do cardio (different machines) 2 days a week where I try to get an hour in of movement and let that be the focus.  The other 3 days I work out with various weights and focus on body areas.

I am not good at sticking to the same routine and keep things exciting to see how my body is feeling that day.  Sometimes a day of rest and eating well is all you need to give your muscles and body time to heal and recover.   

How do you stay fit?

I stay fit by being consistent.  I’m not great at sticking to any specific plans but I make sure to get my body moving at least 3 times a week.   Also, I don’t follow any diets – I love to enjoy food but I am very consistent with trying to make my focus on eating foods that are going to give me great energy and health for my overall well-being. I choose organic whenever I can and stay away from fast food.  I do allow myself a once a month visit to In N Out!   Haha – get a triple decker protein style with extra peppers!  

Do you favor type of diet trend? If so, what diet trend do you favor?

The trends don’t ever last for me but I do love intermittent fasting.  I shoot for at least 2 days a week to stop eating at 7pm and not eat the next day till 12 noon.  I will have a black coffee to hold me over and it really helps.  Intermittent fasting reverses the aging process and that alone has got me on the Intermittent Fasting method.  

Do you take supplements to aid in managing weight?

I don’t take supplements to aid in managing my weight but I do take BCAA pills and MSM pills before my workouts for energy and my joints.  

What summer snacks do you eat?

Organic Grapes and Blueberries are so good – especially cold. I store them in ziplock bags and take them with me on drives.  I love salami, cheese and cracker snack packs – Gelson’s or Sprouts for these.  They are full of protein and tasty!  Don’t forget trail mix packets from Trader Joe’s and sugar-free protein bars from Think Thin.  They save the day in tight situations.

Instead of chips and dip, what do you recommend?

I recommend sweet potato fries cooked in the air fryer with olive oil and sea salt.  This is a healthy snack and feels like a cheat meal.  😉

Favorite low calorie dessert?

Mango with a little sea salt and honey drizzled on top is a healthy vibe for at home low calorie dessert. 

What cocktail do you recommend?

I recommend La Croix, vodka or tequila and a slice of lime. Simple, but super low calorie.  

When going out with friends what are some tips to enjoy food and not feel guilty afterwards?

Workout really hard that day so you can enjoy whatever you’d like and not feel guilty. 🙂 Life is meant to be enjoyed and if you work hard you can play later. 

How often do you recommend cardio?

i recommend 3x a week cardio at the least but if you can at least walk 30 minutes everyday first thing in the morning, you will have great heart health. 

Key things everyone should be doing to stay fit?

Drink a tall glass of water before every meal.  Eat only 75% of your meal.  Make eating healthy and working out something you do for the long term not a phase.  Staying healthy will automatically keep you fit.  Also, if you’re not hungry don’t eat.  A lot of people eat at lunch or diner because they think they are supposed to…listen to your body. Sometimes you just need a day of smoothies, veggies and fruits, or a day of healthy soups to recover and give your body a rest.  Everyone is different but if you tune into your own body it will tell you what is best. 

How do you cope with food triggers?

Food triggers usually mean I need to comfort myself, so I give myself grace. If I eat because I’m triggered I enjoy it and then the next time I replace my trigger with something healthy like a walk with my favorite playlist.  Going outside on low impact walks and or doing free stretching videos on youtube for 15 min a day really has done more for my triggers than food ever has. 

Photo Credit: Marcus “MAV” Amar


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