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By Kathy Carpenter

Bobbie Randall, Phoebe Appel and Benjamin Monts, – photo by Ken Jaques

The Bliss family’s treatment of others may seem horrible, but they revel in their games without a care in the world. Coronado Playhouse presents Noel Coward’s “Hay Fever” as part of their 27th Free Classic series, made possible by a generous grant from the city of Coronado. While reservations are required, admission is free for everyone. “Hay Fever” is a delightful romp filled with reckless abandon.

Isai Luna and Phoebe Appel photo by Ken Jacques

Set in the Bliss country home in Cookham, a charming village in Berkshire, England in 2023, this play, written almost a century ago in 1924, receives a fresh perspective under the direction of Hannah Meads. It showcases timeless themes of love, family dynamics, and the complexities of human relationships.

The production presents an amusing comedy centered around the eccentric Bliss family. Consisting of four artists, including a husband, wife, and two adult children, each with a different artistic pursuit, the family invites guests to their home without informing one another, leading to a cascade of chaos. As the guests bear witness to the family’s melodrama and unconventional behavior, they quickly realize that the Blisses are not the people they expected. The weekend ends in disaster, with the guests departing and the Blisses remaining blissfully absorbed in their world, scarcely noticing their absence.

L – R: Violeta Ruiz-Lopez, Pete Zanko, Isai Luna, and Kathryn Schekllinger photo courtesy of Ken Jacques

“Hay Fever” features a delightful ensemble of quirky characters that add to the overall enjoyment of the show, keeping the audience laughing until the very end. The cast, including Phoebe Appel, Davie Dartt, Isai Luna, Benjamin Monts, Bobbi Randalkl, Viotetta Ruiz Lopez, Kathryn Schellinger, Jacqueline Waterworth, and Peter Zanko, delivers exceptional performances, perfectly embodying their respective characters. It’s a strong ensemble that portrays a family you’ll love to hate.

Isai Luna, Bobbie Randall and Kathryn Schellinger – photo by Ken Jaques

This sharp and witty play offers a humorous glimpse into the dynamics of a modern family, reminding us that even the most dysfunctional families can find happiness if they are willing to put in the effort. Whether you’re seeking a night of fun or simply want to be entertained, “Hay Fever” is a play that will leave you laughing and contemplating the outrageousness of the situation.

L – R – Kathryn Schellinger, Isai Luna, Pete Zanko, Bobbi Randall, and Benjamin Monts — photo by Ken Jacques

Hay Fever

Coronado Playhouse

May 19 – June 4, 2023

1835 Strand Way Coronado


Coming August 25 – September 10

A habit forming musical comedy



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