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Chip City, Photo: Jenny Lunz
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By, Jennifer Lunz and Weston Gleffe

Attention all cookie fans – big news! Chip City Cookies has finally entered the Chicago market! With over 35 locations across the United States, this gourmet cookie brand is one of the fastest growing cookie companies that rotates its flavorful and sizable cookies every week.

Chip City Associate, Don

Chip City was born in Astoria, Queens (New York) in July of 2017 as a hobby between two childhood friends (Peter Phillips & Teddy Gailas) who sought to recreate the simple taste of their childhood. What began as a fun challenge to see who could create the best cookie turned into the Chip City we know and love today. A small storefront, some equipment, and a dream led the entrepreneurial team, the brand currently has over 35 locations across NYC + Long Island, NJ, CT, FL, MD, MA and plans to enter into new markets in 2024.

NYC Manager Cyndi Floyd and Associates Don and MJ

Chip City Cookies is the cookie fan’s ultimate paradise. My friend and I visited the brand new Gold Coast location at 55 East Chicago Avenue, which opened on April 26, 2024. The Wicker Park, Lincoln Park and Lake View locations will open this summer.

Chip City Entrance

With over 40 rotated inside flavors each year, Chip City offers everything such as Peanut Butter and Jelly, the Brookie, the Everything Cookie, Oatmeal Apple Pie, Blueberry Cheesecake, S’Mores, Lemon Berry and the Cannoli Cookie. There are also classic flavors, seasonal varieties and delicious dairy free options like the chocolately Brookie.

Yummy Chip City Cookie Selections

Some of the newest additions that debuted in 2024 have included creative inventions including the Chocolate Cupcake Cookie, Frootie Crunch, and most recently, their Thin Chips and Chip Crookies (buttery, flaky croissant stuffed with cookie dough and baked to perfection). The Chip Crookies are to die for, combining a buttery, flaky croissant with a chocolate chip cookie inside.

Flaky Chip Crookies

The inside of the Gold Coast location is very inviting with a bright, welcoming feeling when you first enter the shop. The entire shop is saturated with the most delicious sweet, fresh cookie smells. Catchy tunes play on the speakers, making you want to sing along while waiting in line for your order. The cheerful color scheme and art makes the visit feel upbeat, though there is minimal seating inside, which I believe is geared towards a short visit.

Chip City Associates Ready To Serve

The Gold Coast location of Chip City is special: As a customer, you are greeted by smiling, excited management (Manager from NYC: Cyndi Floyd) and fantastic associates like Don and MJ, who are ready to take your cookie order. They all give insightful suggestions on what to try based on personal preferences. They are well prepared to serve their customers and community! (I have no objections to being coaxed inside by the abundant, delicious fresh-baked cookie aroma either).

Chip City Cookie Selections

Fans of City Chip can also purchase swag, such as cookie socks, plush bags, hats and bibs. Something else that is enjoyable during a visit is a small book with a photographer booth, where you can take your photo and have it emailed or posted to social media.

Chip City Swag

(While the Chip City Cookies experience is beyond heavenly, one recommendation I do think they should take into consideration is to find a way to soften the wall space somehow while playing music. This could help keep acoustics under control, while making it easier to place an order when it’s busy).

Chip City Cookies Are Filled With Delicious Fillings

I’m sure you are wondering by now how the cookies at Chip City taste? Well, prepare to not be disappointed, as there are different varieties of cookies for everyone. Delicious current selections to choose from include my personal favorites – Cookies n Cream, Blueberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, to the tasty Brookie, their flagship chocolate chip (flawless recipe) and the delicate Cannoli.

Chip City Photo Booth

All the cookies taste exactly as their name implies, yet I recommend you keep an open mind while sampling each bigger than average cookie that is decadent, fresh, gooey and sweet. One cookie is more than enough I think to satisfy a cookie craving. Chip City also offers fresh, flavored milks, which I highly recommend, such as the strawberry one, to wash down the cookies.

Get Your Cookies While They’re Hot

So far, Chip City Cookies in the Gold Coast is off to a great start. I cannot think at the moment where else I can get a cookie that offers a more legendary level of richness and texture of cookies, while offering a stunning assortment and rotating menu for variety. Chip City is my Chicago top pick for the ultimate cookie experience!

Photos: Jennifer Lunz

Chip City Cookies

55 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611


Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11am – 10pm

*Check out the store website!


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