Elevate Your Dining Experience with Stone Lain

Brasa Stoneware by Stone Lain. Photo by Suzanne Magnuson.
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For those who consider setting a table an art form, and for those who just enjoy fine-quality dishes for everyday use, Stone Lain offers the opportunity for a unique expression of individuality and elegance. I was recently contacted by them for an honest review and I was sent a set of their Brasa dishes to test and use to do an assessment for purposes of this review and I have to say I was incredibly impressed by all aspects of these dishes from delivery to style to presentation.

I tried them out for several meals in a variety of presentations from more formal dinners to a very casual grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch, and they looked great every time I used them. And I really noticed how heavyweight they were, in line with the finest craftsman-created stoneware I’ve ever used. Again, they are very, very nice.  It would take me years to speak to durability, but considering everything else, I think it is likely they will hold up well.

Brasa is all about rustic elegance. This set is perfect for those who love the farmhouse or cottagecore style but crave a modern twist. Available in various stoneware colors, from white, to pale green, to the deep blue I chose, each piece features brown-edged borders that add a rustic-chic and craftsmanlike vibe to your table setting. The matte glaze finish screams rustic, while the modern shapes bring each piece perfectly up to date. Whether you’re hosting a casual brunch or a fancier dinner, Brasa’s stylish design makes everyday dining effortlessly fashionable. With its combination of aesthetics and practicality, this collection ensures your tableware is as inviting as your meals.

First thing to note, these dishes are HEAVY. They are made of extremely fine-quality stoneware in a slightly irregular shape, just as if you’d purchased a custom-made set from a pottery artisan, but at an incredibly affordable price. I was impressed also by the quality of the packaging, which kept them very safe in the mailing process. Everything was boxed separately and featured cardboard dividers that prevented any rubbing or damage to the finishes.

Stone Lain redefines what it means to have “nice” plates, appealing to a new generation that values relaxed sophistication over traditional formality. Stone Lain’s stoneware is not only beautiful but also affordable, making it accessible without compromising on quality.

Nobody is kidding themselves that these are going to replace your inherited china handed down from when Great-Grandma emigrated from the Continent, but they are nice enough to elevate your weeknight meals and certainly nice enough for a casual get-together with company you want to think well of you. I think they’d make a very good gift for housewarmings or newlyweds, especially as the trend is to not immediately purchase china anymore.

Stone Lain is offered on Amazon and at popular retailers like Wayfair, Macy’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, Target Plus, Walmart, and The Knot, so they are easily accessible to consumers and are only $99.99 per set of 16, which is very affordable for everyday dishes of this quality. You can also view the full range of collections and styles, and purchase them directly by visiting www.stonelain.com.

Brasa Stoneware

If you are in the market for any dishes, I would recommend these. The specs for the set I tested are as follows.

Available in several colors of Stoneware–all with brown-edged borders–this rustic-chic combination perfectly accentuates a modern farmhouse style.

Dishwasher and Microwave safe

Brasa stoneware dish set includes 16 pieces, including 4- 10.75″ dinner plates, 4- 7.7″ salad plates, 4- 5.4″ bowls and 4- 8.5″ pasta bowls.

All photos by Suzanne Magnuson


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Professional writer with 20 plus years of experience. M.A., M.B.A. Travel Editor and Social Media Manager for Splash Magazines Worldwide. Senior Editor. Member of Advertising Team.

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