See Alaska as one of 32 Passengers – Personalizing Your Ultimate Experience

Meet the Island Spirit
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                                                                             Only a Small Ship Can See the Real Alaska!


Capt Jeff Behrens is excited to launch his coming Alaska season with a 14-day Northbound cruise out of Seattle to Juneau Alaska.  What’s Special?  We’ll, how many 130-foot passenger boats are you aware of that run on batteries at night, imagine 8000 lbs. of batteries providing all the creature comforts and no noisy engines to keep the lights on.  All, while anchored in beautiful bays off the beaten track?

Quiet enough to hear the waterfall right outside your stateroom window, or perhaps, hear the blow of a humpback whale as it swims by the vessel at night?  Or maybe a brown bear foraging on the beach, turning over rocks and feeding its young.  Interested, then read on, this small ship goes places even the big companies don’t offer.


Tenakee Springs Alaska.  A small village only accessible by Seaplane or Alaska Ferry, join Captain Jeff as he shows the guests around this small town.  True Alaskan’s who enjoy their privacy.

Not on the big or small ship routes, but accessible due to your Captain’s special relationship with the community and the respect his passengers show during their visit.  Be one of a handful to stop at the bakery, visit the mercantile of take a walk-through town and see how real Alaskans live!


Learn more about this 32 passenger Small Ship at smallalaskaship website

10 crew with a Pastry Chef…that’s my kind of roughing it!  I will get back to you after my cruise with Capt. Jeff with lots to write about and plenty of gorgeous pictures


Humpback Whale picture courtesy of:  John Greengo


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  1. I went on the Island Spirit three years ago. I had never been on a cruise ship, nor had any desire to do so…until some friends asked if I wanted to join them on a small boat cruise. This is truly the experience of a lifetime. I’m hoping to go back soon with Captain Jeff & co., but was curious if the author of this piece – Ellen Eichelbaum – had actually been on one of their cruises yet and, if so, what she thought about it. It’s expensive, but worth every penny – at least it was when I went on their 14-day Repositioning Cruise.

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