Matt Namer – “The FMs” “Change Your Men Up”

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Androgynous, Analog, Goth, Rock Supergroup, The FMs, (femmes, female to males, f##k me sillies), have just released their, highly anticipated and critically acclaimed new single, “Change Your Men Up” through ADIM Records. 

The Brooklyn based gender fluid, Androgynous activists, defy genres bending them every which way with industrial synth pop combined with darkened goth elements and symphonic stoner rock nightmares, infused with a glam-punk attitude. Elements of brilliant insanity seep through their explosive electric rage evoking a relevant nihilist take on the 70’s glam antics, “Condoms are gifted while demanding the people to stop overpopulating the planet. The FM’s simply want to save the world without being dicks about it.”

Their new single, “Change Your Men Up” was featured in the Showtime movie, “Fluidity” and produced by Patrick Seymour of the Eurythmics. The movie features ten millennials living in New York City whose sexual lives intersect in the age of social media. The film was written by Michael Leeds and Linda Yellen, who also directs the film. “Change Your Men Up” is a prelude to the faction’s double remix EP’s ‘Organic Hate’ and ‘Synthetic Love’, set to be unveiled on August 23, 2019 in celebration of the two-year anniversary of the bands debut album, “Machinacene Epoch”. The single is now available on all digital platforms.

I had a conversation with Matt Namer, mastermind, Vox/Bass and vocalist regarding the new release, the movie and the up and coming video and EP launches. The FMs are at the crux of a career explosion surpassing the world of smoke and mirrors into the realm of superstar reality…

What inspired “Change Your Men Up?”

The song is an anthem against the patriarchy. It is inspired by the realization that we are at a moment where the behavior of men can be transformed into something better. Men have not reached their potential. They can be better actors in how they treat the feminine side of this earth.

Well described. You’re in a movie and you’re about to release a bunch of new music….how cool is that?

It’s very exciting. Not only having our song in a movie on Showtime, but also being in the movie performing it, and for the movie to be a very interesting vignette of culture in New York City, with young people, queerness, and gender fluidity, sort of mixing all that stuff up I think it’s really cool. We were really happy to work with director Linda Yellen on that project. We are really excited to see “Fluidity” out on Showtime now.

Yeah, I bet.

It was also really great to work with Patrick Seymour from the Eurythmics on the music for the film, and to have him contribute to the remix of the song that we just released. I can’t wait to release the other remixes as well. 

So you are also coming out with some album releases.

We have two things coming up. One is that we are releasing a double EP of remixes from the songs “Machinacene Epoch” and “Eyes Are Suffering”. It’s going to be 11 songs in total across two different EP’s. We were doing this as a celebration of the two-year anniversary of the release of our debut album  “Machinacene Epoch”, which is very exciting.. One of them is going to be called “Organic Hate” and the other one will be called “Synthetic Love.” There will be lots of different remixes from lots of different producers. It’s kind of cool because some of these are songs that can be played in clubs to dance to so it’s kind of exciting to see a music being brought into a different format, with different people and kind of mixing creativity up like that. We are genuinely really excited about that. We have also been for the past two years working on our second album. We have been working on it quite a lot. We are not really sure when it’s going to be coming out exactly but perhaps it would be end of the year or the beginning of next.

I was wondering how you got the movie gig. That’s huge!

I met Linda the director of the movie through my brother. I helped her source some locations for the film. We shot our scene of the movie at Schimanski’s Club in Williamsburg. It was really a fun experience. We got to have 100 extras in the audience with us. The set was a lot of fun. We got to meet the other actors. Just being a part of that whole film was very exciting.

Are you doing a music video to accompany the single?

It’s being edited right now. I was really lucky to work with Dylan Mars-Greenberg. He was a riot to work with. 

I know Dylan and he’s so talented. That video is going to be awesome. 

He was tons of fun with great ideas. It was the most fun video shoot. I got to work with Miss Cherry Delight as well. She’s a really good friend of mine actually. She did the make-up and styling. 

The single is now available on all digital platforms.

The official website for The FMs may be found at

The official website for ADIM Records

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