CES Goes Virtual in 2021

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CES is the largest exhibition held in Las Vegas. More than 170,000 attendees visited the show in January of 2020. That was last year. The 2021 show was virtual. It was mind boggling. Press conferences, exhibitors, booths – 1959 of them – all on line.

My fellow journalist and spouse Burt and I visited the virtual show to find some products that might be of interest to our readers.

Omron Health Care is a leader in healthcare monitoring. Omron personnel pointed out that there are 37 million Americans with stage two or high risk blood pressure. They need to be continually checked for issues.

They have developed a myriad of wearable devices for monitoring blood pressure and EKGs. We attended their on-line presentation with Showstoppers at which they introduced VitalSight.

According to Jeff Ray, Director of Business and technology at Omron, “VitalSight is designed for hypertension management and developed to foster greater patient to physician communication and data sharing to improve patient treatment engagement and healthy outcomes.”

VitalSight is a home blood pressure monitoring machine that proactively enables a physician to remotely monitor the patient’s blood pressure.

Courtesy Omron

What drew us to this device is that it is designed for folks like me – senior citizens and others who are not technically inclined. The unit comes with an arm sleeve and the patient simply puts the classic blood pressure sleeve on his arm and hits the start button. Blood pressure results are electronically sent to the physician who can contact the patient if the data is of concern.

Many patients suffer from “white coat syndrome” and therefore blood pressure data obtained in a doctor’s office is often not accurately indicative of the patient’s status. The VitalSight device transmits and records blood pressure data while the patients are going about their normal at home routines.

A great feature of VitalSight is that it is Medicare approved. Patients at risk for high blood pressure should ask their physician to approve and order the device.

Clean Air Zone has developed an interesting product which we reviewed at a Showstoppers seminar. The company produces an air filtration system which designed to catch pollutants – including the Covid 19 virus. The CleanAirZone device uses 100% green technology – natural enzymes which create harmless waste while doing zero harm to the environment.

Courtesy Clean Air Zo

The device is a cylinder, 281/2 inches tall with a 15 inch diameter. It is filled with water and BioCAZ solution. BioCAZ is a propriety solution containing a variety of microorganisms and enzymes. The unit can keep the air pure in a 700 square foot space. It sounds ideal for home and business as a way to protect against Covid-19.


The Kohler Company has some products for people who are spending more time in their homes due to the pandemic. They want to make the time easier and more pleasant with their smart kitchen and bathroom products.

Courtesy Kohler

Touchless faucets are one of Kohler’s prime kitchen features. Their kitchen faucets not only dispense water at a voice command but are also programmed to disperse an exact amount of water. As example, if you want a quart of water, just request it. This eliminates the need for measuring cups.

Bathroom fixtures are designed for escapes within the boundaries of your home. A touchless toilet is one item that consumers have embraced. It opens by voice command and flushes when you wave your hand. Kohler markets a a heated seat that nestles you in luxurious warmth. Don’t forget the warm-water cleansing and warm-air drying to leave you feeling refreshed. And the deodorizing seat keeps the entire room fresh.

Kohler’s free standing tub can be a great luxury addition to the bathroom. Of course, as you may have guessed by now, water flow can be controlled by voice command. The tub also has an overflow feature and misting is available by voice command. 

Courtesy CareClever Corporation.

We enjoyed a demonstration of Cutti at a Showstoppers virtual press conference.  Cutti is a personal robot by CareClever Corporation. It is designed to be a personal companion companion for elderly people either in senior living facilities or at home.  The little fellow is about four foot ttall and is equipped with artificial  intelligence. 

After a short period of time, it gets to know its owner and what he or she likes. It will tell you that it is time to eat and remind you of tasks. It can be trained to select television shows and can even do gaming. S


These are just a sample of the types of products displayed at CES. We’ll look forward to the pleasure of seeing, touching, and taking to representatives in person at CES 2022.



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