Top Home Improvements for 2021

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Home improvements are always fun. Turn your home into a brand-new space and revitalize it with these home improvement ideas. Here are our top home improvements for you in 2021.

Highlight Your Windows

Placing coloured board around your windows can be a great way of creating styled accents in your home that travel throughout each room, bring your design to life and add cohesion to your style guide. Adding shutters on the outside can be a beautiful way to decorate your home and can improve selling value if done properly.

Statement Piece Radiators

Give your dusty home a makeover and add a full set of brand new radiators. These aren’t just your standard white, old hunk of a radiator. These are Stelrad’s. Get designer radiators direct to your door. If you have a plain-looking living room, adding a blue or yellow radiator can make it really stand out. They come in different styles too. Vertical radiators can look incredible and make everyone envious of your lovely home.

Glass Links

If you have a barn outside or something you have converted, take the chill away from walking out of the back door to get to it. Create a glass link between your conversion and your main home. This looks great and will keep the heat in when you are going in and out.

Open Fireplaces

Take that board away from your fireplace and clean it up. If you don’t want to use it for a fire, you can get an artificial one put in or simply paint the inside of it and add some ornamental logs. There are loads of creative ways that you can alter and repurpose a fireplace. One that looks really amazing is turning it into a bookshelf or adding lights to make it a source of many disco parties.

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Exposed Beams

Pull back the past and expose your beams. There are so many houses in the UK that are old and have beautiful wooden beams, expose them and clean them up, even give them a varnish. The effect will be striking and make your room have a lot more character.

If you don’t live in an old house, you can cheat and add your own beams, with faux wood beams. This will give you a similar characterful effect without you having to buy a grade listed building that might well turn into a money pit.

Home improvements are a great way to breathe fresh life back into your home, especially when we are spending so much time in them these days! Think about what you love and go out and get it, feel good about the alterations you make, and enjoy spending time in your new and exciting space. Remember to check out several options before deciding on what you want. The broader your mind, the more ideas you will have. When painting, always get a tester pot so that you can trial the colour you’ll be using.

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