Disneynature Debuts TIGER to Celebrate Earth Day

(Photo Courtesy Disney)
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In April we recognize Earth Day, an annual celebration that honors the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations. While Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, there was one pioneer ahead of his time. Disney is name known to all, but did you know Walt Disney himself was a conservation and environmental activist? It was always his mission to preserve the planet, and while he did this in many ways, his programming was a big one. Bambi for instance had several messages within it, but hunting and conservation was one. Decades after Walt’s name became a household one, Disneynature was founded and through their programming aims to carry on his legacy. Producer Roy Conli, behind this month’s Disneynature film, TIGER said that was one reason he wanted to do this project. The other – he loves conservation and animals are a huge part of that.

Roy Conli, Producer of Disneynature’s TIGER
Alive & Well TV Host, Michelle Harris
Actor and funnyman Jovan Armand
Actress Avianna Mynhier
Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum couple David Isaacman and Abbey Romeo Lutes

TIGER follows a momma tiger and her 4 cubs along the journey of growing up in the jungle – or as it is often referred to in the film, “jungle school.” It’s a beautiful depiction of love, which is the same for animals as it is for people, and the tough lessons all living beings face. The imagery of these majestic creatures and their surroundings in India will take your breath away. The film can be found on Disney+ and was screened for a special audience in Los Angeles on April 20. The screening was hosted by Michelle Harris, host of Alive & Well TV. In attendance were Love on the Spectrum’s Abby Romeo Lutes and David Issacman, actress and host Brenda Mejia, actress Kennedy Garcia, and actor Kim Estes, among others.

Actress Kennedy Garcia
Actor Kim Estes
Actress, Host and Singer Brenda Mejia
Producer and Actress Jessica Ross

For more on Disneynature’s Tiger visit click here. To learn more about Alive & Well, visit aliveandwell.tv.

Pictures proved by Sarah Meyer.


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