George Floyd’s Death Hurts – His Legacy Soothes

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On Monday, May 25, 2020 (Memorial Day 2020) the world witnessed the ground lynching of a black man, George Floyd at the knee and hands of a white police officer. The days after that so many events took place that I had to write this on Saturday, May 30. I am still hurting deeply here in Atlanta, Georgia.  Civil Right Leaders that are still living among us who gave birth to the Civil Rights Movement in Atlanta with Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Jr. are hurting even more.

The “Non-Violence” Protest in the 1960’s led by Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., …History,

On Friday, our Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms passionately spoke with hurt and anger but spoke the truth about how the violent protesters damaged our city.


In our country, many are angry, hurting, protesting whether peacefully or violently, and just want to be heard. There is so much pent up anger. A combination of many blacks dying senselessly that included the modern day lynching of George Floyd, who all died because of the color of their skin.

Many “Hate Crime Groups” have risen to a record high since the current election. It was reported at these weekend protests they were dressed in all black having knives, hammers, planting bricks, spray painting on surfaces “Black Lives Matter” etc. Add the continuous degrading tweets and remarks which added more fuel to this fire.

Violent protests continue to rise and it hurts to see so many trying to destroy America. We even had non-violent protesters in London, England and around the world empathizing with the Black cause.

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On Sunday, Pastors had many heartfelt, hopeful and spiritual messages for us that are really needed at this time in history. God is the source of our strength and we have to keep holding onto His strength even though we may feel there is a “Conspiracy In The Land”.

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With all the black lives that were killed in May and the COVID-19 Virus reportedly killing Black Americans at soaring rates, it is overwhelming. Don’t fall into the trap of violently protesting, making you more vulnerable to arrest, death, jail time, injury, COVID-19 and more.

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Parents, talk to your “violently protesting” children, and if parents are protesting violently then children talk to your parents. We are in this together as Americans and we need to come together as one Nation and stop being known as the country with the Racism disease consisting of hatred, prejudice, stupidity and police brutality.

The bad police officers who have different agendas needs to be removed immediately from their positions. They are making the communities loose respect and integrity for the overall police officers and having people screaming, “Defund the Police “.  Crime, violence, drugs, gangs, military style weapons has increased tremendously. Therefore, police officers still have a job to do, as well as, protect, serve our schools, perform community seminars on crime prevention, enforce the law, arrest individuals breaking the law etc. Actually, it’s time to reform each one of us individually and then as a Nation.

Lord, you can make a way in the midst of it all but we need every American kneeling to you in prayer asking you to heal our land that is crying out. And please help us to use our energy for our VOTING RIGHTS IN JUNE AND NOVEMBER and watch change come!!! It seems America is knocked down at the moment but we are not knocked out!!!

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Despite all that has happen, I still have great friends of all races with good hearts that I love. So, if you know someone that has a hardened heart, please pray and talk to them and let’s make that change. My many Caucasian friends are saying, they are understanding it more, and they can see it more clearly now as the days go on. That is why these protests are so diverse and worldwide. A change is going on.

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It is true, you will not win everyone over, but I believe there are more good people than bad people. Once we reach that goal, understand one another, and forgive each other for a shameful past, we shall stand together as one nation and we will conquer more. Let’s rebuild, pray and practice here on earth to love, respect and do for one another so we all can make Heaven, our final destination!!!   

Splash Magazines Worldwide Photojournalist Renee Sudderth says, “Keep praying with action and watch George Floyd’s death not be in vain” – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth



  1. W. SUDDERTH – June 7, 2020 – That was really good. That was really good. It was heartfelt. You can write. I’m proud of you.

  2. MICHAEL FAYOYIN – June 6, 2020 – Via EMAIL – Thank You Renee! You are Awesome!!!!

  3. SHERYL L. SMITH – June 6, 2020 – Via FACEBOOK – Great job on your article Renee. We must continue to pray and allow our actions to speak louder than our words to bring forth change within our law enforcement, legal system and race relations.

  4. JERRY HALL – June 6, 2020 – Via FACEBOOK – As usual you did a wonderful job on this article. I’m glad that America is seeing an evil presence in the destruction going on with their own agenda. Keep the messages in the forefront of everyone minds.

  5. BENJAMIN LEWIS – June 6, 2020 – Via FACEBOOK – Great Article Sis. and that part about “A Conspiracy in the Land” sounds familiar 😁❤️

  6. Great Beautiful job Renee!!! Thank you for the Awesome work that you continue to do! Continued Blessings upon you Always!

  7. JEFF JARRETT – June 6, 2020 – Via FACEBOOK – Beautiful, sis! Thank you for sharing this great article!

  8. Renee, thank you so much for your very inclusive take on the challenges of racism in American. I share your wisdom for pragmatic action regarding peaceful and meaningful activism for desired and sustained change. Please continue to stay safe, strong, and positive. Always the very best that we can imagine and positively actualize for quality human value and opportunities for all. Dr. Mike

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