Get your J-Sculpt on!

Ah. Goals. Setting them seems simple enough. Decide on interests you’d like to pursue and go. Prime example? Health. Most people choose to keep themselves healthy to live longer, spend more time with their loved […]

Rivernorth Pizza Crawl to Enthrall

Mapping out the walking route along the scenic Rivernorth neighborhood to partake in “Chicago’s Most Delicious Bar Crawl” was multifaceted. A delicious day full of tasting a variety of pizza while mixing in competitive games […]
Restaurant Reviews

Valiano at Pelago? Grazie mille!

Italian’s sure know how to treat you like family. With their affectionate kiss on the cheek greetings, to their animated conversations, just toss in handmade delicious pasta and refreshing wine, that’s what the Piccini family […]